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Investment Management

Our Investment Management Philosophy

We employ an analytical, top down approach to investing. We first look at the big picture in terms of the economic and political environments as well as investor sentiment trends. We then look at the appropriate broad asset allocations for each individual investor and then select the best, low cost investments within each broad asset class. We maintain a disciplined approach to managing your portfolio with the goals of achieving market returns while lowering volatility and reducing expenses.

We invite you to click on any of the topics below for more information about our investment management process, as well as videos and presentations about each subject.

Ongoing Portfolio Management

As our client, you receive an individually designed asset allocation plan to help you achieve your financial goals.  Because we’ve talked with you about your risk tolerance, we set up your portfolio with a mix of assets that matches to your comfort level. We also make sure that each portfolio is diversified across multiple asset classes to minimize your exposure in any one area.  On an ongoing basis, we monitor your investments daily, rebalancing accounts as necessary. As part of our overall service to our clients, we also offer periodic review and asset allocation recommendations for 401(k) plans not under our management.  This ensures that assets in your company retirement plans remain properly diversified and working in conjunction with the rest of your portfolio. By looking at your full financial picture, we can make sure that you remain on track to meet all of your retirement goals.

Retirement Plan Services for Businesses

Let’s face it, if you’re a business owner, you have lots of things to attend to on a daily basis.  While retirement planning might be on your list of things to do, it might not make it to the top for quite some time, and even if it does, how do you go about setting up the right plan for yourself and your employees?  At Barker Financial, we can help.  We will meet with you to learn more about your company and your goals, and recommend a plan that makes sense for you.  We can set up and maintain low cost plans that offer a large variety of investment options to meet the specific needs of your business.  On an ongoing basis, we will provide continuous oversight of your accounts, a sounding board for any questions you might have, and educational seminars for your employees if necessary.  Let’s talk…and cross that retirement plan off your list!

Tax Strategy

In setting up and managing your portfolio, we use a tax-efficient strategy of positioning assets in accounts to minimize taxable income and maximize deductions and return on investment. Because we employ a team approach to your overall financial plan, we also work with your tax professional to ensure effective long-term tax planning strategies.  On an ongoing basis, we can coordinate with them on any updates to your portfolio that might be needed due to a change in tax law or your circumstances.

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