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Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

Below are the 2019 retirement plan contribution limits.  If you have questions about starting a plan for you or your business, we would be happy to discuss those with you.  For information regarding your eligibility to deduct certain contributions, please consult with your tax professional.

2019 Retirement Plan Contribution Limits

IRA Contribution

          Under age 50$6,000
          Age 50 and over$7,000
SEP Contribution
          $56,000 limitUp to 25% of compensation
SIMPLE IRA Elective Deferral
          Under age 50$13,000
          Age 50 and over$16,000
401(k), 403(b), 457, and SARSEP
          Elective deferral under age 50$19,000
          Elective deferral age 50 and over$25,000
Annual defined pension contribution limit$56,000
Annual defined pension benefit limit$225,000

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