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Portfolio Management

While only one part of the overall wealth management process, the nuances of portfolio management can have an impact on your wealth accumulation over time. Unlike robo advisors or firms that have never spoken to you, our wealth advisors take the time to get to know you, so we understand your goals, your risk tolerance and your time horizon. We set up your portfolio with a mix of assets that matches to your unique circumstances, while also making sure that it is diversified across multiple asset classes, industries and sectors. By minimizing your exposure in any one area, we strive to reduce risk and volatility in your portfolio. On an ongoing basis, we monitor your investments daily, rebalancing accounts as necessary.

Because it is likely a big part of your overall financial picture, our services include periodic review and asset allocation recommendations for your 401(K) or other employer sponsored retirement account. This ensures that assets in your company retirement plans remain properly diversified and working in conjunction with the rest of your portfolio. By looking at your full financial picture, we can make sure that you remain on track to meet all of your retirement goals.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to working with an advisor is that we help take the emotion out of investing. Investors who try to time a turbulent market often get hurt on both ends. They sell when the market is going down, and do not buy back until prices are higher. We employ a long-term approach to investing, matching assets to your time horizon and tolerance for risk. In times of market downturns, having an advisor who can take an unemotional view of your portfolio can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes your assets to “bounce back” when the market turns around.

While you may not have the time or expertise to provide ongoing oversight for your portfolio, that is our main focus day in and day out. We understand the importance of monitoring your accounts as compared to your goals and risk tolerance, but also in light of market and economic events, diversification, and tax strategy. We work with you and the rest of your financial team to ensure constant oversight as you progress towards your goals. Having this consolidated level of oversight can make a big difference in the growth of your assets over time.

Below is more information about our portfolio management strategy.  If you have questions or would like to schedule an introductory meeting, we would be happy to speak with you.

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