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Summer Planning

Summer Planning

July 19, 2023

Summer is finally here! It’s time for barbeques, going to the beach,
and slowing down a bit. It’s also a great time for doing a financial
“check up.”

We’re a little more than half way through the year. Did you have any
unexpected expenses during the first part of the year? Are you
anticipating any financial changes for the remainder of the year? Do
you have questions about your finances in general? A financial plan
can help put everything into perspective for you.

I know, this is probably not how you envision a relaxing summer day,
but our process is straightforward, and we guide you through every
step. In the end, you’ll have a detailed picture of your current
financial state, as well as recommendations for how to reach your
future goals. Wouldn't you agree that spending a few hours creating a
financial plan would help you feel relaxed about your finances?

If you’ve never done a financial plan before, it will be a valuable
baseline for your financial future. If you have a plan that’s several
years old, it might be time for a fresh look. Financial planning is not a
one time event. As your life changes, so might your financial future.
An updated plan will tell you if you’re still on track.

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