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Why Barker Financial

Our Corporate Philosophy

Your goals may change throughout your lifetime but ours remain focused. We aim to provide you with proactive service in all kinds of markets, handled by a wealth management advisor who knows you by name.

Our guiding principal is helping you achieve your goals by providing advice on a broad range of financial issues including the most appropriate investments for your objectives, and the management process best suited to your goal. We have chosen to act as advisors. As advisors, we are legally required to act in the role of fiduciary and place your interests first. We will listen to you as we monitor your financial resources as compared to changing market and economic conditions so you don’t have to. We will continue to keep you appraised on an ongoing basis so you can feel comfortable knowing that you remain positioned appropriately.

Best of all, we’ll never lose track that we’re working on your behalf. Since our fees are based on assets under management, our incentives are aligned with your rewards. When you do well, so do we. Personal service is inclusive in this fee structure.

Our Investment Philosophy

We employ an analytical, top down approach to investing. We first look at the big picture in terms of the economic and political environments as well as investor sentiment trends. We then look at the appropriate broad asset allocations for each individual investor and then select the best, low cost investments within each broad asset class. We maintain a disciplined approach to managing your portfolio with the goals of achieving market returns while lowering volatility and reducing expenses.

Transparent Fee-Only Structure

We are independent advisors, not brokers; as a result we do not attempt to sell products to you. We simply charge a fee based on assets under management. In many cases the fees are lower than what our clients have paid elsewhere and may be tax deductible. Our fee structure, based upon a percentage of assets under management is intended to encourage open door communication with our clients. Whenever you have a financial question, you can call us with no additional charge, to get the answers you need.

We receive no commissions, incentives, or other forms of compensation from third parties. As a result our recommendations are focused upon meeting your goals. For further details please refer to our disclosure brochure which is available upon request.

We take our fiduciary role seriously and draw upon thousands of cost efficient investment opportunities and tailor them to your goals. Our strong belief is that the fee only structure is simply the right thing to do. This focus keeps more money working in your portfolio.

Client-Focused Attention and Service

You are never just another account number to us. Our wealth management advisers know your name, understand your unique goals, and are dedicated to your long-term success. We keep in touch with you regularly, unlike too many others who call only when they have a product or service to sell you. In an era where “customer service” is becoming an antiquated notion, we make a point of building a one-on-one relationship.

Our goal is to have at least two advisors that you can speak with at all times that know your circumstances. We focus our efforts on a limited number of clients to provide a level of service you can rely on. When you have questions or unexpected situations arise, we are here to help you.

Our Value To You

Barker Financial Group’s professional wealth management and financial planning practice offer significant value to our clients. We work hard every day to earn your trust and demonstrate the value of our services. A few of these benefits include:

Professional Duty and Trust: As a fiduciary, Barker Financial Group has the legal duty to put the interest of our clients above our own. Others who work in a sales capacity are not bound by the fiduciary standard of placing your interests first, no matter how nice they may be.


Confidence and Peace of Mind: With over 60 years of combined experience using proven, disciplined investment management strategies intended for building and protecting your wealth, you can be confident you are getting sound advice, regardless of market conditions.


Low Expenses: We work with institutional brokers and investments with low transaction costs and low expense ratios. Most trading costs are negotiated in advance at fixed institutional rates, reducing expenses relative to most retail brokerage arrangements. Most of the investments we use are commission-free, meaning they are not generally sold by those working in a sales capacity. Combined with low portfolio turnover, your overall expenses are kept comparably low. This can be a substantial advantage to traditional brokerage accounts.


Comprehensive and Continuous Financial Support: We offer open, proactive and direct communications regardless of market conditions. Our fee structure, based on a percentage of assets under management is intended to encourage an open door communications with our clients. Whenever you have a financial question you can call us at no additional charge – for simple, straightforward answers.


Educating our Clients: We publish a blog on our website covering timely topics that have real world application to client situations. These blogs are short, to the point, and easy to read. We also publish regular newsletters and whitepapers on a range of financial and investment topics, available for subscription.


Reporting Services: Periodically, we send each client a performance report, detailing their portfolio performance for the previous periods, presenting the actual results achieved. The performance is reported, net of all fees and expenses. Annually, we generate realized capital gains and loss reports to assist your tax professional in preparing your taxes.