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Financial Planning for Women

Lack of retirement preparedness is the biggest single financial challenge Americans face.  And it is especially acute for women.

Women tend to live longer than men, but generally earn less.

Women in the US live an average 5 years longer than men, but typically earn 23% less.  As a result, they have less retirement assets and a higher risk of outliving them.  Women are also more likely than men to interrupt a career to care for children, aging parents or grandchildren, displacing a stream of income and potential retirement savings.

Women may also have different life and long term care insurance needs given their common role as primary caregivers and longer life expectancies. 

Studies also indicate women are generally more conservative and anxious about financial matters.  Many married women tend to delegate financial decision-making to their husbands.  When women absent themselves from financial decision-making, they suffer even more if they become widows or find themselves suddenly independent through divorce.

At Barker Financial Group, we understand the unique financial challenges women face.  We specialize in helping women explore and understand the choices and decisions needed to protect and preserve financial security. 

If you are a woman facing financial uncertainty or would simply like to talk about your situation, give us a call.  Our first priority is your overall financial success.